Danial Khan

What's up, guys! Since you are reading this, that means that you want to know more about me, hahah.
 So let's start:
My name is Danial Khan, and was born on the 26.10.2001 in Kasur (Pakistan), which makes me sixteen at the moment.

How many languages can you speak?
You won’t believe it, I speak some languages.
I obviously speak German, also English, French, my mother language is Urdu and finally Mawati (another language from Pakistan).
Puuh, yes. I can also read and write arabic but I am not able to speak it.

My Hobbies are Parkour, freerunning, athletics ... and yeah...

How did you get into freerunning and did you do any other sports before that?

I started Parkour when I was eleven. I was looking for a sport, in which I can improve myself. I tried tennis, tabletennis, handball and gymnastics before, but there were so many rules... so I left the sports.

One day I watched "the world best parkour and freerunning" video and I was blown away. I was starting to imitate those stunts. That was my way how I got to parkour.

How did you join TeamFox?

Nick and I founded TeamFox back in 2014, after we had a performance in school.

What are your favorite freerunning shoes?

At the moment my favorite freerunning shoes are the Adiadas Essential Refresh. I really like the simple black & white look of them. They fit me very well. I can also recommend the Adidas Essential Star 2.0.

Favorite Food?


What’s your vision for freerunning’s future?
A community of creative badasses spread all around the world, that share their stuff with others and are as nice as they are today. And also make more epic video with my team !
 Are you working?
Yes, I am Parkour-Trainer
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