Noah Pretli

All right... obviously you want to find out more about my person and who I am. Okay then let’s get I to this. ^^

So, let`s start:

Hello there. My Name is Noah Pretli, and I was born 03.05.1998 in Singen, Germany with Hungarian roots. So that means I am 20 years old baby! young and full of energy! :D

How did you get into free running and did you do any other sports before that?

So basically, I was never really interested in sports until I saw the first videos on Youtube that showed up about free running, and I fall instantly in love with free running. I was about 12 years old when I tried it by myself, but I just started training when I was about 14 years old.

What does free running mean to you and why does it excite you?

That is a hard question. But at first it feels just right, I feel so free when I am doing this sport, and it is just so much fun. So, I think I means freedom for me. The exciting part of free running is that you are never run out of options, there is just too much to do! You literally never learn out.


How did you join TeamFox?

I know Danial an Nick for a long time. Back in the day I was even Danial`s and other kids Parkour Trainer, so we were good friends, one day they walked up to me and asked if I want to join the team. I was not Shure, so I decided to say no, because myself tied to build a parkour team and it just never worked out, so I really wasn’t interested in a Team back then. So, al little time passed away and they asked me again: “Are you Sure? I realized they really meant it, and a little voice in my head said: “Say YES!” so I said Yes, this time, and I never repent it!   

Favorite Food?

I am really eaten everything, and I love to eat, food is just Heaven! As specially sugar xD I am really addicted in sugar :D

What are your favorite free running shoes?

I like to wear tight shoes with a thin sole, that’s all that really matter by me when I am looking for new shoes.

What`s your vision for freerunning`s future?

That the community grows and keep their nice nature, it really feels like a big family!

What does your playlist look like?

I love music! There is from everything something in my list, if it got a nice beat or a beautiful melody I save it! 😊

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