Nick Single

Since your on this page means you want to know more about me and what I do.
So let's start:
My Name is Nick Single, and was born on the 04.11.2000 in Konstanz (Germany), wich makes me seventeen at the moment.
How did you get into frreerunning and did you do any other sports before that?

Up until 12 I tried all kind of sports. I really was looking for something those sports couldn't give me. Seeing a video of some people jumping around in a city gave me the permission to do the same.

What does frreerunning mean to you and why does it excite you?

That's a really hard question, because it's kind of everything. I think, above all it tought me many things about life and gave me some amazing friends and adventures. That's also why it will always be exciting.


How did you join TeamFox?

Danial and I founded TeamFox back in 2014, after we had a performance in school.


Favorite Food?

I don't like a lot of food, but my absolute favorite is goulash with some pretty bad-ass noodles.


What are your favorite freerunning shoes?

At the moment my favorite freerunning shoes are the Storror Tens.


What’s your vision for freerunning’s future?

A community of creativ badasses spread all around the world, that share their stuff with the others and be as nice as they are today.


What does your playlist look like?

I don't have a real playlist. I hear all kind of stuff that sounds nice to me.
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